Internship (No Housing)

Hop The Pond's Premium Internship sets you up with a paid internship for your chosen duration. It also includes invitations to our networking nights & Success Story Seminars as well as a mock interview at the end of your time in Chicago.

Our Premium Internships are tailored for those already living in Chicago and/or have already sourced accommodation etc. themselves.

A key aspect of the Premium Internship is that your work is valued and the employer invests in you. You will be paid for your work and the employer will conduct a midway performance review on how you are getting on in the company. This will be followed by a final evaluation by the employer at the end of your internship.

Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to conduct a mock interview with an independent interviewer and receive constructive feedback on your performance. Hop The Pond recognizes the importance of confidence & practice when it comes to interviews, and with our Premium Internship, you will get plenty of both.

Hop The Pond invites you to apply & kick-start your career today!

Internship Schedule:

June 8, 2015 (Summer Term)

    • 3 Month 
      • Start Work - June 15, 2015
      • Last Day - September 4, 2015



Premium Internship Includes:

Paid Internship:

Hop The Pond's paid internship is the main feature of both our packages. Our Hoppers will be paid for their hard work, but our service is so much more than that. Hop The Pond places huge emphasis on personal growth, confidence and work ethic with our internships. Our goal is to put every Hopper Intern in the best possible position to succeed after their term with us has finished.

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