Why become a Hopper Intern?

The world we live in operates at a frantic pace. The transition between college education and the professional workplace is a daunting one, where students with incredible qualifications struggle for years to find work within their field of study.

Hop The Pond’s internship program bridges that dreaded gap, while providing an experience of a lifetime. Here are some reasons why becoming a Hopper Intern is a smart choice:

1) Personal Growth:

Hop The Pond goes above and beyond to ensure that the program is much more than just an internship. Personal development and growth is a key factor in making sure that your time with Hop The Pond is a success. 

2) PAID Internships:

Our Interns are extremely hard workers and deserve to be paid. Minimum wage in the State of Illinois is $8.25 per hour, and at Hop The Pond we guarantee that our Interns will earn at least that for their efforts. 

We accept motivated, eager and extremely educated interns. Our strict vetting system means that Hopper Interns are the best of the best, so they will be compensated for the quality they will offer employers.

3) Chicago!

Hop The Pond strongly believes that Chicago is the greatest city in the world. With 26 miles of beaches, a vibrant music and entertainment scene, coupled with a downtown full of charm, Chicago really is a dream destination. 

Hopper Interns’ accommodation is at the beautiful Fornelli Hall, in the heart of downtown and steps from Millennium Park and Magnificent Mile. At Fornelli Hall, you’re a short walk from public transport, theaters, shopping and nightlife. 

Key aspects of this program:

  • Resume Skills – We ensure all Hopper Interns’ resumes are what employers are looking for.
  • Success Story Seminars – Hop The Pond will host engaging seminars where successful Chicago natives will be invited to talk with our Interns about their story. These seminars are designed to not only motivate and educate Hoppers, but also make them realize their potential. 
  • Employer Review – On the Hoppers final day at work, a review will take place with the Hopper and his/her employer. This open and honest meeting is designed to give constructive feedback on how the Hopper has performed while at work.
  • Mock Interview – Before program completion, each Hopper will conduct a mock interview with an independent interviewer. This interview will be based on the experience the Hopper has gained throughout the internship period. The interview will be filmed, and the Hopper will then receive a grade on how he/she performed in the interview. This stringent process is designed to improve the Hoppers performance in interview scenarios. 

Do you have questions?

Copy and paste this link into your browser to schedule a FREE Skype call with one of our Team Members to run through the details and to answer any of your questions.  https://www.timetrade.com/book/X12NK