Paid Internship Program - Apply Now!

Hop The Pond is extremely excited to launch it's Paid Intership Program in Chicago. The transition between college education and the professional workplace is a daunting one, where students with incredible qualifications struggle to find work within their field of study. Hop The Pond has teamed up with some of the top companies in the city, to ensure an internship of true value. HTP’s goal is to place the Hopper Intern in the greatest position to succeed within their industry.

Hop The Pond's internship program offers:

  1. A quality, hands on paid internship within the Hoppers field of choice
  2. Resume, interview skills tutorials
  3. Personal growth, motivation and self-belief seminars
  4. A review from both the employer and Hop The Pond

What makes our internship program the best?

  1. Hopper Interns get paid. Our interns are considered an important part of the team while at work. And for that reason, Hopper Interns are paid for their strong efforts.
  2. Chicago. Hop The Pond chose Chicago over every other city when launching. Why? That’s easy, it’s the greatest city in the world! Come see for yourself!
  3. Our relationships. Hop The Pond has teamed up with some of the best companies in the city. Every company understands the value Hopper Interns bring to their business.
  4. Personal Development. Aside from the internship, our Hoppers will receive resume skills, interview training, invites to motivational and ‘success stories’ seminars, as well as a social scene of organized weekly events with other Hoppers.
  5. Flexibility. Hop The Pond offers one, two and three month internships. Our system is designed to tailor the internship term around the Hoppers needs and availability.

Internship Scheduled Dates:

Click on the Full Package or Premium Internship page to get the full schedule:

    • September 15 - 2014 (2 Month) - SOLD OUT
    • September 15 - 2014 (3 Month) - SOLD OUT
    • December 1 - 2014 (1 Month) - SOLD OUT
    • January 5 - 2015 (2 Month)
    • January 5 - 2015 (3 Month)
    • March 9 - 2015 (3 Month)
    • April 6 - 2015 (2 Month)
    • June 8 - 2015 (3 Month)
    • September 7 - 2015 (2 Month)
    • September 7 - 2015 (3 Month)

Do you have any questions?

Copy and paste this link into your browser to schedule a FREE Skype call with one of our Team Members to run through the details and to answer any of your questions


Application Process

  1. Click on the "Apply Now" Button Above - Complete the following requirements that have been added to your Hop The Pond (HTP) profile.

  2. Hop The Pond’s Review - Within 5 days of your submittal HTP will review your application to assess whether you’re a good fit for our program. If we feel that you would be suitable Hopper Intern material, we’ll invite you to conduct a Skype interview with us.

  3. Online Interview via Skype - The goal of this interview is to gauge your personality and your ability to answer questions. The interview will be 30 minutes long, with plenty of emphasis on you, your career goals and ambitions. Hop The Pond wants to meet candidates that are serious about a potential internship. We want people with the right personality, a positive attitude and great work ethic.

  4. Our Verdict - Within 7 days of your interview with Hop The Pond, notification of your acceptance or otherwise will be sent via e-mail. If you have been successful, an official acceptance letter will be sent, via e-mail, inviting you to start the process of becoming a Hopper Intern. 
  5. Securing Your Internship - Successful applicants confirm their places in our program by (i) paying a deposit of $500 and (ii) submitting a signed contract between HTP and the applicant within one week of receiving the letter of acceptance. This contract will include all terms & conditions relevant to your internship. The remaining fee is then due one month after paying your deposit, or a minimum of six weeks before your departure date, whichever is sooner.

  6. You’re Officially a Hopper Intern! - Once we have received your signed contract & deposit, you will have formally secured a spot as a Hopper Intern. 

HTP will continue to engage with your place of internship and will stay in touch with you every step of the way to ensure you have all relevant information before your departure. Your future employer may request a second round of interview to get to you as well.  This may happen more than once with different employers because it is an extremely competitive program to secure.  After all interviews are completed, you will receive your job details 14 days before your start date.