We help provide great experiences for Hoppers, piece of mind for Parents, and reliable seasonal staffing for Employers, but don't take our word for it. Read the stories and check out the videos below.

Meet the Hoppers

2013 was a huge success for our Hoppers. Through Hop The Pond, our visitors will tell you that they had a complete experience of Chicago. With incredible seasonal jobs, exciting day trips, and unforgettable nights out, signing up as a Hopper was never a question.

100% of applicants were placed in fun, seasonal jobs, and found themselves with more than enough money all summer to enjoy the wonderful city of Chicago. Our team was working in some of the coolest bars and restaurants, as well as riding jet skis and refereeing soccer! Do any of these jobs tickle your fancy?!

Why put yourself through the stress of roaming the streets looking for a job, when Hop The Pond can do it for you’? That’s the message of our 2013 Hoppers! See for yourself…

From the Employers

Our 2013 Hoppers proved to be an incredible success within Chicago’s working industry. Every single Hopper was placed in a fun seasonal role, and every Hopper made a success of that assigned position.

Moving to a big city like Chicago can be a daunting experience, especially when you have to try and find a job that you’ll enjoy for several months. This is where Hop The Pond stands alone. We’ve developed relationships throughout Chicago that make it easy for students to make that transition.

Hop The Pond ensures the highest quality of workforce. Every Hopper is interviewed and screened before arrival, and there’s strong accountability on our end when we assign a role. At Hop The Pond, we guarantee supreme work ethic, with personality and a smile.

Our 2013 employers loved their Hoppers, and want more this year! See for yourself…

From the Eyes of a Parent

Hop The Pond has proved a big success with the parents of young international tourists. For many parents, this is the first time their child will be living on foreign soil for an extended period of time. Hop The Pond recognizes the obvious concerns of parents, and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure that each Hopper is working in a safe environment and that they’re contactable at all times, even through our Hop The Pond staff.

Parents of 2013 Hoppers were very pleased with Hop The Pond’s service, stating that it gave them peace of mind. Whether it’s collection from the airport, or help with accommodation, they knew that Hop The Pond’s experienced and friendly staff were always available. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.