• Chicago: Your Career Starts Here

    Thirty-one Fortune 500 companies call Chicago home, so why shouldn’t you? Chicago is a vibrant hub of global commerce in the heart of the United States. Its' economic activity ranges from finance and manufacturing to information technology and retail. Chicago is home to the world's largest trading floor of commodity derivatives in the world. So, what better place to launch your career than in Chicago with Hop The Pond?

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  • Why become a Hopper Intern?

    The world we live in operates at a frantic pace. The transition between college education and the professional workplace is a daunting one, where students with incredible qualifications struggle for years to find work within their field of study. By joining the Hop The Pond Internship Program you will bridge that dreaded gap, while enjoying an experience of a lifetime. Join us in beautiful Chicago and start your career in style.

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  • Internship (No Housing)

    Hop The Pond's Premium Internship sets you up with a paid internship for your chosen duration. It also includes invitations to our networking nights & Success Story Seminars as well as a mock interview at the end of your time in Chicago. It is designed for Hoppers that already live in Chicago and don't need those services. Click through for details!

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  • Internship Terms and Conditions

    Click through to view the Internship Program Terms and Conditions. Printable version can be viewed from HTP Profile after clicking on the Apply Now button. Once you apply it is required that you print off, sign, and upload the Terms and Conditions.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I be working downtown? How much will I earn? Do I need any qualifications for my job? Believe us, this is a big decision but it all it takes is you to take the first step. To view all Frequently Asked Questions, click here!

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  • Internship - (Remaining Balance)

    After being accepted into the Internship Program, you will be expected to submit your remaining balance by the due dates given. Please use the following payment buttons to complete the transaction.

    3 Month (No Housing)
    Add to Cart - $2,350.00