Benefits of Working Abroad in Chicago

Published August 11th, 2014

Chicago aerial shot


There are many different things that employers might value over another, but there is one thing that always impresses them: work experience abroad. 

Here are 7 benefits of working in Chicago…

1. Increased Employability
Automatically you become more employable. Employers recognize and value someone who can undertake to work abroad in an effort to better themselves and adapt to a new working, cultural & living environment. And with a highly competitive job market, employers have become more selective, and someone who can adapt, up skill & travel to work if needed, is a valuable asset to any company.

2. Developing a global career-network
With the world becoming an ever interconnected place, being able to foster relationships with someone internationally and then return home to develop these links via social networking online, is a big plus. Half-way between Asia and Europe, Chicago is an international commerce hub, and is a popular location not just for Americans to launch their career.

3. Becoming a strong independent person
Moving abroad to work can involve a lot of organization and planning. It demonstrates to employers that you are an independent motivated worker who will take the initiative when necessary. This is especially the case if you go somewhere as bustling as Chicago. These traits will also benefit you if you pursue a venture of your own in future years.

4. Improving your language/communication skills
If you’re coming from a non-English speaking country to the US the opportunity to develop every aspect of the language cannot be passed over.  Speaking, writing & working in English will greatly enhance your proficiency in that language and forces you to adapt and develop it. Even if you’re coming from an English speaking country, you will get a chance to perfect your language skills. 

5. Become a Global Thinker
Hiring managers want to see candidates who can think outside the box and be as open-minded and creative as possible. Exposing yourself to different cultures and working environments will give you a diverse edge over other people, especially in a large company or a small or medium-sized venture who aim to go international.

6. Personal Growth
With this company in this city, personal growth is guaranteed. We ensure of that. Our program is designed so that you’re constantly developing while you’re here. During your internship your employer must conduct a midterm review as well as a closing interview with full feedback. At the same time, we run weekly career-related networking events. 

7. All work and no play...Not in Chicago!
The benefits of going abroad aren’t all necessarily to do with your career. Chicago boasts one of the finest entertainment scenes in the word.  The Windy City is home to 6,000 restaurants, 1,600+ bars and nightclubs, 200 theatre companies, dozens of comedy clubs, a few sacred sporting grounds and one very special pizza. We want you to enjoy all of the above, that's why as part of your package you get weekly social events hosted by us to facilitate networking and relaxing! 

Bonus Reason 
In the words of Michael Jordan: “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”